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One 2 One Cleaning is a young company led by some of the Sydney's most dedicated cleaning industry professionals.

Whatever your cleaning requirements, One 2 One Cleaning has them all covered. Our attitude is: there is always a way. So even where access is restricted, for even the highest of high rise buildings, and when the deadline really is tight, you can count on One 2 One Cleaning to deliver. Our investment in modern specialist equipment and ongoing training, the fact we have employed teams at the ready, and our experience in tackling red tape means we will always find a solution for you. Customer care: it is not a department, it's an attitude! Our cleaning and maintenance services remain seamless because every member of our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible. We will be with you from the start to finish and oversee the cleaning and maintenance of your office, commercial premises or retail space following your cleaning requirements, specifications and strategy. Our aim is to give you the best cleaning and maintenance experience of your life.


Contract Cleaning

We recognise that our clients have different needs!


Industrial Cleaning

A thorough deep clean from top to bottom to clear the whole premises!


Windows Cleaning

Our service will give the illusion that there is no glass!

our services

One 2 One Cleaning Pty. Ltd. Provide A Range of Services for All Industries

Contract Cleaning: At One 2 One Cleaning we recognise that all of our clients are different and have very individual needs. We facilitate businesses of all shapes and sizes, tailoring our services according to the requirements of the customer. As many of our customers require an out of hours services, it is important that we provide a flexible package that accommodates these objectives.

Window Cleaning: One 2 One Cleaning can provide a professional window cleaning service, leaving your windows so clean it will give the illusion that there is no glass! We will get to all those hard to reach places such as your business signs and gutters. Our window washing and high level cleaning team will leave your premises gleaming. At One 2 One Cleaning our professional team of window cleaners are capable of meeting all commercial window cleaning requirements.

Full Building: One 2 One Cleaning has many customers who are limited to the time frames where they can arrange a deep clean. Often weekends are not enough time to get the work completed. Therefore we are entrusted and provided with keys to gain access to the building and lock up securely upon our departure. A thorough clean from top to bottom will take place. Amongst some of the requests are wall and painted ceilings washing.

Office Cleaning: Whether your offices could do with a periodic spring clean or you have made changes to the office space. One 2 One Cleaning has the solution to your needs whatever the circumstances. We can provide a deep cleaning service tailored to you requirements. We offer an extensive range of services including, the cleaning of window blinds, wall washing, painted ceilings, low level and high level edging, floor and wall tiling.

School Cleaning:One 2 One Cleaning specialises in the Complete Cleaning and Caretaking of Schools offering a 52 week per annum service.

Cleaning Products: For this reason we can source and provide a wide range of quality Environmental cleaning products to bring you the highest standard of cleaning together with an extensive variety of recycled paper polythene products.

Commercial Cleaning: We are also conscious of reducing energy consumption within a site by being aware of turning off un-necessary lighting as we go and limiting our use of electrical equipment to the absolute minimum. At One 2 One Cleaning our cleaning being carried out to the highest standards, often exceeding customer requirements and needs.

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